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Фонбет сайт синий скачать бесплатно mp3 Букмекерская контора адреса в киеве Ставки на игру 21 очко 1хбет от Дмитрий Щукин Дмитрий Щукин. After that, it was all downhill. And on Sept. The truck will require about three hours to make the trip from Sausalito to this city if all goes well.

The parade will go through the business streets with flags flying and horns tooting and escort the truck to the Carlson-Currier Silk Mill where the three tons of soap which were placed on the truck on June 17 th and have been on the vehicle ever since, will be unloaded. The truck will remain in this city until Sunday or Monday. Many citizens are out now awaiting it and wondering why it does not come. A later paper finished the story as follows. Зарегистрироваться с бонусом фонбет procession was formed that stretched for nearly four blocks as the truck completed its 4,mile journey.

It stopped on the lower Main Street Plaza where the Alco was photographed, and it was then escorted to the silk mill where the soap was unloaded and the car was then escorted back to town. Manager F. Brown received the car and cargo on behalf of the company. There were no formalities. By the way of ensuring an accurate record of mileage and time on the road, the recording apparatus included a Sear-Cross speed and mileage recorder, Servis time recorder, Coronet hub odometer and Veeder odometer.

In addition, the truck was equipped with an aneroid barometer, gradometer, thermometer and compass. According to the daily log, the total time the truck was on the road was hours, 36 minutes, of which hours and 20 minutes approximately 51 percent was the time the vehicle was actually underway.

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The remainder of the time was spent reconstructing roads, digging the truck out of mud and sand, lending a helping hand to indigent bridges, filling up with fuel, eating, typing and filing dispatches. The Servis recorded the average daily road time as 10 hours, 29 minutes; average time in motion, 5 hours, 21 minutes.

Aside from the front tires, the Alco required no part replacement and, after normal servicing, returned to Philadelphia and regular delivery work.

Truck photos courtesy of the American Truck Historical Society. Silk spools courtesy of the Sonoma County Library. Preliminary research materials and photos courtesy of the Petaluma Historical Museum and Library. That old Alco would be an interesting paper model hint, hint.

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Sign In e-Edition Subscribe. Toggle SlidingBar Area. Bringing silk soap to Petaluma. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Truck in Archbold, Ohio. Truck draining swamp in Red Desert, Wyo. Cross-country truck was a rolling advertisement.

Truck digging out in Elbridge, NY.

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